Why haven't you been posting pictures latley


Where on IG?

Everything about you is so perfect, I can't πŸ™ˆ 😍 woman crush every fucking day πŸ˜‚


Oh stop! You are the sweetest πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’• Thank you so much.

Did you get your hair cut like nicole G ? I swear everytime I watch her videos it reminded me of you now 😳 good change btw ! You look so much better with short hair 😁😍


Actually no I had ran into her YouTube channel after I had chopped my hair off and she had just recently cut her hair off and also dyed it really light too so that got me so hooked on her channel now. Just getting great tips and how to style my new weave. Lol I love her overall! & thank you 😘

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8/3/14 - Selena Gomez out for lunch in Studio City.
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Your check bones are so amazing 😩 like I know that's so weird for somebody to say but your check bones and lips remind me of Angelina Jolie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜


Honestly I hate my cheek bones. Lol & ohhhh noo I wish I looked like her. Angelina is a goddess!!! That’s a first tho. Thank you! 😊

Your So Pretty


Thank you ☺️

I'm loving the way you looks ugh your new hair 😍 but sucks cause you do to post many pictures with your new hair πŸ˜” buts it's fine. I love seeing your pictures randomly on my news feed though 😍


Aww you are the sweetest! πŸ’• Thank you.

Having short hair makes you look so much prettier..


Really? Well good thing a made this change right. Lol thank you!

Where did you get your necklace in your icon?


Charlotte Russe I believe. I got it as a present last year.

Is your hair blonde now or?


It’s a dark blonde ombrΓ© with highlights.

Did you delete your Instagram I use to follow you and out if nowhere you where gone :( your Instagram was one of my favorite accounts :(


I blocked people. What’s your IG?

do you naturally have long eyelashes?


I do. But whenever I want a fuller look I apply some falsies.

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